TAIPA celebrated its Annual General Meeting 2016 on 19th September at The Lalit New Delhi.  With this TAIPA completed its 6th year of bringing together all the industry stakeholders including telecom service providers, infrastructure providers, and Government Authorities for the growth of the communication services across India.

  1. At the outset we would like to thank the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to bring out a consultation paper with the objective to examine the need of encouraging public Wi-Fi networks in the country from a public policy point of view, discuss the issues in its proliferation and find out solutions for the same. 
  2. Presently, mobile network data usage in India is significantly higher than other forms of Internet usage mainly due to cost and affordability of broadband services, depth of fixed-line coverage and lesser number of public Wi-Fi zones. 
  1. TRAI has recently floated a consultation paper titled as ‘In Building Solutions by Telecom Service Providers’ which envisages the deployment of In Building Solutions (IBS) to improve quality of services in residential buildings and commercial complexes.Telecom is a key driver of economic and social development in an increasingly knowledge intensive global scenario. Several studies have acknowledged that an increase in internet and mobile access has been a key factor for economic growth of the country. According to a World Bank report a 10% increase in broadband penetration raises the GDP of a country/state by 1.48%.
  2. Almost 85% of data traffic and 70% voice traffic is generated indoors.