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Director General Message

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Telecommunication sector has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the past two decades. The remarkable growth in the telecom arena is fuelled by a sound telecommunication infrastructure. Telecom towers are primarily the backbone for providing wireless telecommunication and related services to the masses. With nearly half a million towers housing 15 lakh BTSs are enabling connectivity to 1.2 billion people across the nation.

We as an association of leading telecom towers and infrastructure providers work towards establishing a healthy environment for the growth of telecommunication services in the country. We have various departments that deals with matters related to Legal, Energy, Regulatory, State Policies, which hinders the growth of telecom infrastructure in the country.

Telecom infrastructure built across the country is shared with the service providers on a non-discriminatory basis. Tower industry has undergone significant changes in the past and concepts like ‘Tower Sharing’ has emerged as a trendsetter. The concept has proved economically viable for the TSPs and IPs and have following advantages such as – Reduced Capex & Opex, Increased Connectivity, Faster Roll-out of Towers, Energy Efficiency, etc. The concept is being emulated globally.

Since the past two years, the positive regulatory environment and regularity certainty has been favourable for the growth of the industry. While we continue to engage in a healthy discussion with the Government to address some of the pending issues.

As one of the core players of the infrastructure industry, we have a crucial role in enabling Prime Minister’s vision for 100 Smart Cities and Digital India as Telecom Infrastructure is the bedrock for this achievement.

With technologies such as IoT and 5G catching pace, about 50 billion devices are expected to be connected globally by 2020 which will require setting up more telecom towers to boost connectivity. Therefore, in the coming years the industry is fully committed to implement Smart Cities/ Digital India program with some pending concerns having been addressed which will further foster the growth of telecom sector in the nation.