It would make eminent sense for telecom operators to deploy clean energy solutions if they are available at an affordable cost. While this is not possible currently, it can be expedited if telecom players work closely with Renewable Energy Service Companies (RESCOs). This will be mutually beneficial to both sides as also would help towards the goals of “Green Telecom”.   

Building suitable telecommunication infrastructure has the same effect on growth of telecommunication as telecommunication services have on growth of the economy. In the development of the wireless sector, Infrastructure development plays a crucial role. As of March 2010, there were approximately 3,25,000 telecom towers in the country. In revenue terms, the telecom tower business is estimated to be over 200 billion. 


Maintaining exponential growth of India Telecom industry called for creation of huge infrastructure requiring significant investment. The need was to optimally utilize available resources while ensuring competition and availability of services at affordable prices. The infrastructure sharing therefore became the way forward. It was felt that infrastructure sharing can be effectively leveraged to roll-out services at faster speed and at affordable cost.